Workout Smart not Hard

Learn how to workout smart not hard and still get the results you want

If you ask most people they would want to look like a body builder model with lean muscle and a six pack but the issue is most people dont have that. Some people are blessed to stay in shape no matter what they eat but for the most of us we need to eat healthy and workout the right way.

The problem is that most people dont know how to work out in a proper way and even though they workout non stop they still dont see the results they want and why is that you ask? It is because they dont know how to work out, and it just results in wasting time and even worse maybe getting hurt. Dont feel bad about doing the wrong workout for so long because many people are doing the same and dont feel stupid because you the people who know how to workout right had years of research in doing so.

The Dvds that teaches you how to workout is MI40x and Muscle Maximizer which is by two body builders who share their secret on how they do get in the best shape of their life. They dont use the popular supplements that get pushed by GNC and other supplement store or some phony pill that does nothing but they they teach you the right way to work out and manipulate your body to grow. If the ladies are interested in losing weight then you wold want to use Venus Factor as it is a dvd for women to keep the fat off and it does not use pills or some crazy diet where you dont eat for day instead it manipulate your body to burn more fat and keep the fat off for good.

See more of Ben Pakulski Mi40 workouts and see ripped 4 life twitter page for more info about fitness

Dark Souls 2 character build

See how you can build a great character in Dark Souls 2 and win the game easily.

If you want to survive in a game like Dark Souls 2 then you would need to build the right character in order to fight the big monster in the dark world of Dark Souls 2. If you have played Dark Souls 2 then you have died a lot and then some more. If you know how to build the right character then it would make the game much easier for and beat those monsters and get better items. If you build the wrong type of character then you will have a hard time in Dark Souls 2 and most likely go crazy with the amount of souls you have lost. First you want to have a diverse character because you cant be one dimensional because that will lead to dying a lot in the game.

When you need to have a mix of different ability like a mix of magic and melee. Although most rpgs make you focus on 1 type of ability in Dark Souls 2 you can focus on multiple one and it would not effect your leveling up. I would recommend to focus on one magic ability whether it is sorcery or miracles as each ability will help you in your quest. If you are using magic it will not effect your ability to use melee attack because Dark Souls 2 gives you that ability. What makes Dark Souls 2 great is that if you dont get the right build then you can reset your character with a soul vessel. Back in the day with rpgs if you messed up your build then you need to go back and start all over again but thanks to soul vessels you dont need to. Once you learn how to build your character then you will have an easier time playing this tough game and take out other players in PVP

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