Keeping your feet beautiful during the winter

The degrees of the thermometer may be raging and the hot summer days are a mere memory. It can be tempting to keep warm and stuff your feet in cozy socks and boots until the hot weather goes to spring.

Did you know that our feet need as much nursing in the winter as they do in the summer to avoid all sorts of problems like cracked heels, dry, scaly soles and hard skin build? So what specific steps do you need to take to make sure your feet stay healthy and beautiful in the winter?

1. Use the right socks and shoes

When our feet go through extreme temperatures, from very cold to very hot, it can destroy the moisture level in our skin and wipe out our soles of the feet, which can sometimes lead to painful cracked heels.

To prevent your feet from drying out, be sure to use the correct type of shoes to keep your feet at the right temperature and wear cotton overalls to protect your feet from the cold.

2. Avoid extreme temperatures

It may feel wonderful to keep your cool feet close to a crackling fire, resting on a warm element or even warming them in a hot bath. But all of these things will dry your skin even more.

They will extract important moisture from your feet that can lead to really dry, dehydrated soles and cracked heels.

If you can not resist the desire to warm your feet in a warm water bath, make sure you add a moisturizing footbath like Scholl Velvet Smooth Footbath which contains green caviar, marine serum and E vitamin that softens and soothes dry feet. Your feet grow healthy and lame while pampering yourself with a nice treatment in the winter. It does not just feel nice, it also warms your feet.

3. Humidify daily

Using a moisturizing foot lotion every day in winter is an important part of a good foot care routine if you want to stop the build up of hard skin and cracked heels. After bathing or shower, massage Scholl Velvet Smooth Intensive Serum all over your feet. The hyaluronic acid and the green caviar tackle hard skin with direct results.

4. Remove dead skin every week

You may think that a footer is only needed during the summer months when you want to show your feet? However, with regular use in winter, a footer (such as Scholl Velvet Smooth Electronic Footplate with Diamond Crystals) can keep your feet soft and lame. For quick results without much effort, replace your regular footer with the Scholl Velvet Smooth Electronic Photo File with Diamond Crystals, an electric footer with roller head with micro abrasives that helps to wipe hard skin easily and quickly so you can be ready for each Christmas and New Year’s party – even on a one-minute notice!